Brief History

Brief History

On the auspicious day of 22nd August, 1980 was born the Nuvapada Sri Balaji Mahavidyalaya, which was a dream come true for the people of this region. It has since then been through many ups and downs for 31 years and yet the college stood the test. It celebrated its Silver Jubilee on 22nd and 23rd of August 2005. The people of Nuvapada, college staff and students today are proud of the institution and hope that it will scale greater heights of excellence in higher education in future.

The college has a chequered history. It had the distinction of being inaugurated on 22.8.1980 by eminent educationist Sri Durlabha Chandra Choudhury and inaugural ceremony was chaired by Sri Chintamani Dyana Samantaray, MLA, Odisha. We had the good fortune to get the blessing of Mahanta Sri Kaivalya Das Babaji whose munificence made it possible to the institution to start in a small accommodation provided by him.

The college was granted affiliation for +2 courses in 1981 (Arts) & 1982 (science) and for +3 degree courses in 1986. Government concurrence was accorded to degree courses in 1986. The college also has the distinction of being included in 2(f) and 12(b) on 30th April 1993. Those statistics cleanly establish that the college is on its march to become the hub of higher learning to the entire region. Besides, its result sheet shows consistently excellent performance for both +2 and +3 classes. We have been imparting quality education leading to an annual pass average of more than 70% pass percentage for the last five years.

We are planning to introduce diversification of courses in the future keeping in view career orientation and volume-based education.

Governing Body

President: Shri Keerthi Vasan V, IAS - Sub-Collector, Brahmapur

Secretary: Sri Akulananda Padhi, Principal NSB Mahavidyalaya, Nuvapada

Succession List of Principals

  1. Sri Padma Charan Mishra: From 16.8.1980 to 3.7.1982

  2. Sri J.J, Mohan Rao: From 3.7.1982 to 6.9.1982

  3. Sri S Lokanath: From 6.9.1982 to 25.3.1983

  4. Sri Padma Charan Mishra: From 25.3.1983 to 12.7.1987

  5. Sri R.S. Pattanaik: From 12.7.1987 to 20.3.1988

  6. Sri Padma Charan Mishra: From 20.3.1988 to 27.2.1989

  7. Sri Padma Charan Mishra: From 28.2.1989 to 1.8.1990

  8. Sri J Manmadha Rao: From 1.8.1990 to 28.8.1991

  9. Sri Dandapani Panda: From 28.8.1991 to 14.9.1991

  10. Sri T. Ananda Rao: From 14.9.1991 to 25.2.1993

  11. Sri Dandapani Panda: From 25.2.1993 to 3.8.1993

  12. Sri Amiya Chandra Patra: From 3.8.1993 to 6.8.1996

  13. Sri Chandra Sekhar Mahapatra: From 6.8.1996 to 29.7.1997

  14. Sri Prafulla Chandra Sabat: From 29.7.1997 to 28.10.1997

  15. Dr. Chitta Ranjan Sahu: From 28.10.1997 to 15.7.1998

  16. Sri Prafulla Chandra Sabat: From 15.7.1998 to 1.9.1998

  17. Dr. Arjun Sahu: From 1.9.1998 to 30.6.2002

  18. Sri Pradeep Kumar Swain: From 30.6.2002 to 30.9.2008

  19. Sri. T. Tripati: From 1.10.2008 to 24.10.2008

  20. Dr. M.S. Rao: From 25.10.2008 to 30.4.2013

  21. Dr. Sankar Prasad Panda: From 1.5.2013 to 30.4.2021

  22. Sri Akulananda Padhi: From 30.4.2021 to present